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Since becoming a nonprofit in 2003, we've learned a lot about how the MIJ works to affect change within the community. We've also learned a lot about the finances needed to keep the program running. Because it's hard to quantify the benefits gay men receive from participating in the MIJ, it's difficult to explain to people what the MIJ is about. Consequently seeking financial support from sources outside the MIJ community has proven pointless. The good news is, with 20 years of MIJs behind us there are plenty of men right here in our own community willing to support us.  

At the end of each year, as a way to incentivize our constituents, we put together a prospectus for the coming year, which we then post online. In addition to MIJ financials, the prospectus outlines plans for the coming year, including projected income and expenses. Based on these projections we're able to determine the amount needed for fundraising. While we suspect some of the funds will come through online requests, and some through requests made during the retreats themselves, we know from experience that most will come through the concerted efforts of certain individuals. 

To learn more about creating a fundraising event for the MIJ community contact Michael Sigmann at:

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