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Michael Sigmann, Founding Facilitator of the MIJ, Palm Springs, CA

After facilitating the MIJ for 20 years, Michael's insight into the hearts and minds of gay men, is revolutionary. As the VP for large medical company in Chicago, Michael ended his 15-year career in 1993 when he moved San Francisco to begin working in the field of transformation. Under the guidance of his long-time mentor and friend Michael Schiesser, Michael became skilled in the art of facilitation, able to lead individuals and groups through emotionally cleansing, potentially life altering experiences. Michael teaches us how to be present, by teaching us how to know when we're not present, so we can begin to understand why.  

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H.R. Bremner, MIJ Facilitator, San Francisco, CA

H. R. started working with gay men facilitating retreats in 2007 in Toronto, Canada and moved to San Francisco in 2008 in order to learn more about sexuality and energy work. He had his MIJ experience in 2008 and subsequently studied with Michael Sigmann to learn how to facilitate this powerful process. H. R. has been a licensed Somatica practitioner since 2011 working with individuals and couples around issues of intimacy, sexuality and relationships. He has come to see the power of Presence and mindfulness and the freedom and empowerment that come from claiming our sexuality. 

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Everett Considine, MIJ Facilitator Seattle, WA

Everett has a diverse background that spans technology, business, spirituality and psychology. Everett is a transformational coach and workshop leader. He is a certified Internal Family Systems practitioner.  He studied Buddhism for 15 years and was initiated as a Buddhist monk and teacher. He also has an in-depth training as a shamanic practitioner.  He has been working with the Men's Inner Journey for over 10 years. He brings his diverse spiritual background and his mastery of IFS into the practice of "Inner Parts Work". He is in a long-term relationship with his husband Sam Garcia and also does couples coaching and mentoring for gay men.

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Joe Bills, MIJ Facilitator               Seattle, WA

Joe Bills is a healer, visionary, mentor and coach.  He has studied with Lakota Shamans in the Pacific Northwest and incorporates these teachings into his work.  Through the practice of self-inquiry, he will move you closer to your connection with your true nature.  He supports you finding your own way to freedom by assisting you in breaking patterns, removing blocks and obstacles and restoring vulnerability, authenticity, self-expression, and creativity.   As a gifted visionary and dream facilitator, he can assist you moving into a life which has heart and meaning while manifesting your dreams into physical form. 

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Training& Experience: To come.

Under the guidance of one of our trained facilitators you will be able to; integrate your MIJ experience into your daily life, recognize further potential for growth, formally bring closure to unfinished business in your life - both personal and professional, cultivate a practice for dealing with addictive behaviors, free yourself from limiting beliefs, find courage to make lasting changes, while furthering the healing process. Regardless of who your facilitator was during the retreat, you can choose any facilitator listed below who you feel most resonates with your desired outcome

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