Men's Inner Journey

Set yourself free!

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The Retreat

Because many of us were ill equipped to defend ourselves against the beliefs our society has held about homosexuality in the past, we spent the better part of our young life in crisis, afraid to come out because of what might happen to us. With the threat of people constantly condemning us for what we are, a lot of us have lived, and continue to live a guarded life. 

Waking up each day knowing at any time we could be verbally or physically abused for being gay is stressful. Yet if we don't take the necessary precautions to deal with the stress, in time we’re likely to become lethargic and depressed. By turning to drugs, alcohol and/or other addictive behaviors to cope, we eventually find a way to adjust. The problem is we don't feel whole when we do. 

What many of us don’t realize is how long-term stress at an early age changes the body's chemistry, diminishing our capacity for sustaining the energy necessary for life. This is the same energy we depend on to lift our spirits, to inspire us, and to make us feel grateful and blessed to be alive. As a result, the quality of life we live seems mediocre at best. As our senses become muted, the world around us loses its luster, and we're left feeling disconnected, not only from self, but from others as well. Deep down we know that what we feel is real and necessary, yet because homosexuality is not know to serve a purpose, we don't get the validation we need to feel a part of society. 

By providing a framework in which to gauge the impact of what we’ve been through, the Men’s Inner Journey seeks to provide gay men with an experiential understanding of self. One that aligns more with the nature of our energy, rather than the identity often associated with being a man. Made by and for gay men, the program offers a specialized approach to unraveling the hardened aspect of our identity, undoing years of pent up stress and emotions, which in turn gives the body a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and remember.

Ultimately, by satisfying one of our most basic human needs, which is to know that we belong and that we matter, the Men’s Inner Journey offers gay men a chance bring closure to their past. Enabling them to confidently take a stand for the person they were meant to be today, and in the future. After twenty years of development, the Men’s Inner Journey is considered by many to be the most comprehensive, potentially life changing experience available to gay men today. 

The Follow-up 

Life's a Journey

The Men's Inner Journey retreat can be a life altering experience, which is why we recommend the Life's a Journey program as a follow up. During the retreat, participants can experience a sudden release of energy that sends a shockwave of change throughout their life. The affects of these changes may not be felt or completely understood until weeks, possibly months have passed. By participating in the Life's a Journey program you'll have to tools you need to navigate changes as they arise. To learn more about Life's a Journey: Click Here

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