Men's Inner Journey


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“Over the weekend, I have discovered myself to be more comfortable and vulnerable with a group of men than at any other time in my life. I feel awakened and nurtured by my brothers. I felt the transition occur and am startled with the quickness. I look forward to being home, even alone.”

J.J., San Francisco, California

“The outcome of this Inner Journey for me, is the discovery of complete and total love.”

T.H., San Francisco, California

“Taking the Inner Journey has enlightened me with the way I think about myself. It has taught me new ways of dealing with everyday issues. I have a new outlook on my life and how I love myself. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself.”

M.D., Los Angeles, California

“The Inner Journey opened me to a wonderful future about love. It got me in touch with the spirit I had been searching for but could never find. I found it when I didn’t force it but rather learned to just let it be – amazing, it just happens.”

P.L., San Francisco, California

“Thank you for providing the path I have been looking for. The work was hard and challenging, but brought me close to the place I wanted to be. The staff’s insights, calm nature and mannerism generated a sense of trust that was beautiful.”

E.S., Miami, Florida

“I went through a true “Inner Journey”. I tore down all the walls and exposed my inner most being. And that being was then allowed to be nurtured and cared for in a way it had never been before. I became so open to why I was, and how I live unconsciously. I was brought to a certain level of consciousness I didn’t know how to have before.”

D.B., San Francisco, California

“Once in a lifetime – a life shattering experience. I have never been in such a deep state of consciousness. It felt so good to feel the love from my brothers. One of the most amazing things is how the journey takes you through every emotion with love and compassion. You truly get out of it what you put into it.”

S.E., San Francisco, California

Expressions of gratitude...

Dear Michael:

I hope this email finds its way to you, it’s the only contact info I have.  I just wanted to let you know that two of my patients attended the MIJ recently, and both had a profound, transformative, and emotionally cathartic experience. They both report feeling lighter and less burdened. The work you do through MIJ allows men to access deeply suppressed emotions in an experiential and affirming way that is hard to replicate in individual therapy, and I am so grateful to you and your associates for providing this valuable adjunct to the work I do. 

Wishing you all the best,

Gratefully yours,

Scott Lauzé MD

Cofounder and CEO, San Francisco Mindfulness Foundation


"Courage and honesty. Men who are willing to look at the most painful stuff from the past and have a willingness to transcend it.The wisdom of these facilitators. Revelations and resolutions. Discovery of the exact moment in time where the problems began, addressing that here, and a willingness to change the script from now on. Catharsis. Being present in the moment right now. Fresh starts and new perspectives. A healing weekend that was one of the best things I've done so far for my recovery. Real talk, about very deep stuff. Tears. Of love, pain, joy--all of which I experienced this weekend. Forgiveness of all the men who hurt me, and acceptance of the damage I did to the men in return. This beautiful retreat center in Sonoma, surrounded by redwoods and mountains. The delicious food they're serving us. Seeing one of only 4 albino redwood trees in the state of California."  

Scott W. San Francisco

“I recently attended the Men‚’s Inner Journey weekend retreat and am so full of gratitude to the organizers for one of the most amazing weekends of my life. I teach and practice traditional psychotherapy and was a little worried that MIJ would be too out there for me. On the contrary, the program was exceedingly well organized and thoughtful, and was carefully delivered by the facilitators with complete professionalism. My work, family, and social connections have become deeper and more satisfying and I suspect will never be the same! I’m telling all my gay friends to consider taking the personal challenge.  It will change your life.”

Robert B. Daroff, MD,

Assistant Clinical Professor

Department of Psychiatry

UCSF School of Medicine

"The Inner Journey is mind-changing, soul-enriching, and life altering experience. It is such an amazing gift to us and our community. Skip a circuit party weekend as I did and do the Inner Journey, the reward is incalculable. From the depths of my heart, my deepest gratitude to the Inner Journey team."

J.C. Miami, Florida

 "The Inner Journey was a magical, mystical voyage into my soul. I remember having felt this way only a few times in my life."

R.B. San Francisco, California

"This Inner Journey has helped me to celebrate my sexuality more than I ever have. Also, it has given me tools to experience life in a way that I haven't before by appreciating each moment. It has helped me to allow myself to live rather than confine and limit my thoughts and actions."

J.D. San Francisco, California

"A friend told me, ‘Forget about working on this issue or that issue. After the Inner Journey weekend you will fall in love with yourself.’ He was right! I feel as though I got myself back and that I am the source of love in my life. It is now up to me to direct that energy toward creating the life I've always known I was capable of having."

R.T. San Francisco, California

“Through openess and trust I was able to journey to a place I didn't know existed. My life will be all the richer for it."

D.A., San Francisco Calfornia

“Very moving! I cried so much about things I didn't even know were there - I gained clarity to some of my deepest pains. I found strength in me to continue even when I wanted to stop and leave. I thank you from the deepest place in my heart for this journey. You may never know the depth of my happiness for completing this, but trust it!"

W.B., Santa Rosa, California

“The Inner Journey enabled me to focus and feel. I release guilt and let go of fear. I am a new beginning!”

J.W., Vancouver, British Columbia

“This weekend has been transformational and major life event that I promise myself I will pursue. I am astounded by the intelligence and compassion of the facilitators, imparting lessons to everyone in this diverse group. The Inner Journey can change us all and is a powerful gift. Thank you from all my heart.”

K.V., Los Angeles, California

“Amazing, impressive and insightful. I was deeply touched by this experience on many levels. Indeed, I took an Inner Journey, saw my past and it’s profound effect on my present. Bounding with my gay brothers, I have new friends for life, a life of deeper self-awareness and greater love.”

 C.C., San Francisco, California

“Transformational! The Inner Journey is Divinely inspired. I had a Divine experience that was incredibly nourishing for my soul. I leave this experience with a new-found optimism and zest for living all of life – the good and the bad.”

D.S., Miami, Florida

“This weekend was extremely helpful in ripping through some of my deepest habits of self-censoring and repressed emotions, thus allowing for a fuller, less resistant and a much more thrilling enjoyment of this adventure called life.”

Y.E., San Francisco, California

“This was a very meaningful and much needed experience for me. What I will most remember is the heightened awareness I developed for the space in my interior life that has been languishing for sometime. 

T.G., San Francisco, California

"I feel a great joy that I am finally appreciating just how deeply I crave a real connection with my gay brothers. Awareness is the first step, I look forward to making the next one.” 

T.G., San Francisco, California

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