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Life is about learning the art of living. Yet because life is something that happens to us, when we try to make it happen, we're in conflict. Living is getting to know oneself. It's like working with a new medium, the only way to learn is through experience.

The human mind is great at managing logistics. Ask it to balance your check book or plan a dinner party, and you'll find it can handle these tasks quite well. But ask it to find happiness, and you'll find that it can't. That's because happiness exists in the moment. It can't be found in the past or the future, which is why the mind

What we need to remember is that life is happening to us being responsible. It's about the art of living, well. , we nHaving spent the last 30 years developing a practice for livingperfect a art of of experp the art of What separates us from the happiness and fulfillment we seek, is a busy mind. If quieting the mind seems impossible

A busy mind is a source of separationWhen people sit down to meditate, the first thing they encounter is a busy mind, and once they discover how difficult meditation is, they give up. According to Michael, meditation is not something we do, it's what we are. And that the only thing keeping us from experiencing the meditative state within, is the mind.  

Based on 20 years of experience, Michael has found that a busy, overactive mind is usually the result of unresolved issues from our past. When thoughts related to these issues become repetitive, we start to worry, which causes stress. If these thoughts persist, in time, the mind will place them on autopilot, so the cycle can continue subconsciously.

Working with Michael, once participants begin to grasp what meditation is, their much more present with their thoughts as they arise in the mind. When thoughts arise to take them out of meditation, an inquiry ensues to locate the source. Through observation, participants not only get to see how their mind works to create their reality, they also get to see what their subconscious is using to create that reality.

What often happens when people first begin to see how their mind works, is they want to fix it. But there's nothing to fix. Despite what you think, there's nothing wrong with you or your mind. It's is doing exactly what we you taught it to do. To affect change, all you need to do is become aware, and the awareness alone is what changes everything.

Please note: Michael's work is not therapy. Michael is not a licensed therapist, nor does he aspire to be. If you’re looking for someone to spend hours listening to you talk about your problems, Michael is NOT that someone.

Working with gay & bisexual men.

Having worked with thousands of gay and bisexual men over the years, no one understands the man-on-man, same-sex dynamic better than Michael. Being a gay man himself, he knows from experience the challenges gay men face. 

Michael believes that gay me were born independent, and that when they take full responsibility for themselves, not only does it increase their capacity for connection, it increase the quality of their connections as well. 

To learn more about Michael and his work with gay men click here.

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