About the Gateway

Finding our way home.

The Men's Inner Journey was first conceived in the Summer of 1998, when a well known spiritual Master banned Michael Sigmann and his friends from participating in her congregation, for the expressed reason that gay people shouldn't be allowed to follow a spiritual path. In October of that same year, Michael hosted an event at his home in Northern California for 18 of his friends, which served as the initial framework for the program being offer today.

Having no prior experience facilitating transformational processes for others, he called on Michael Schiesser, a gifted teacher who spent time living at an Ashram in India led by the spiritual Master known as Osho. When Osho died in 1990, Michael Scheisser moved to the States to follow another spiritual Master known as Kalindi, which is where the two Michaels met. When Kalindi asked Michael Sigmann and his friends to leave the congregation, that's when the friendship between these two men took off.

Seeing how gay people around the world were being denied the opportunity to practice their faith in community because they were gay, the two Michaels set out to change that. By creating an experience specifically tailored to address the spiritual needs of gay men, the program took on a life of its own. Over the course of several years, the MIJ was being credited with transforming the lives of numerous gay men. It was at this point Michael Schiesser left Michael Sigmann to carry on with the mission they had started.

In 2003, the Men's Inner Journey transitioned to a nonprofit organization, under the aegis of The Gateway for Integrated Consciousness. With Michael Sigmann at the helm, the list of programs being offered by The Gateway began to grow with the addition of Facilitator Training, Journey Into Love and Celebration of Love. Adding these programs to our repertoire expanded the reach of our work into the broader community.

Today, the Gateway has entered a new phase. With the eminent release of Michael's book, our hope is to help gay men all over the world understand the impact repressing one's desire for love can have on the quality of life. With the possibility of offering the Men's Inner Journey in more places, our hope is that more men will have a chance to experience the emotional freedom from our past only a program like this can offer.

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